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Procurement Consultancy – Procurement Audits

We can support two kinds of procurement audits.

  1. Organisational Audits;
  2. Specific Contract Award audits.

For more information on the organisational audits please refer to Organisational Reviews and Expenditure Analysis.  In relation to specific contract award audits clients usually engage Greenville to (i) to review the procurement file of a complex high-risk procurement prior to final award decision, or (ii) to review the file in the case where a possible complaint or risk of challenge exists.  In both scenarios, we look at the key decisions and documentation backing up the decisions and if required speak directly with the key stakeholders involved.

The audit includes review of:

  • eTenders/ OJEU notices
  • Tender documentation published
  • Clarifications issued
  • Composition of evaluation team including requirements regarding confidentiality and conflicts of interest
  • Evaluation process including records relating to clarification meetings, site visits, etc.
  • Evaluation records
  • Approval process
  • Notification letters
  • Management of requests for information from economic operators
  • Contract conclusion stage

We will specifically look for full compliance with the EU Treaty principles of equal treatment and non-discrimination, transparency, proportionality and mutual recognition in addition to ensuring that the client did not confer upon themselves an unrestricted freedom of choice (i.e. make a biased decision).

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