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Procurement Consultancy – Organisational Reviews

Organisational reviews address a number of key features of an organisation, namely:

The PEOPLE based requirements is met through training needs analysis and development of plans for individuals and departments.   In addition, we undertake a full analysis of the procurement activity to determine the level of resources required based on whether the organisation implements one of the three standard procurement structures (i) fully centralised; (ii) fully decentralised; or (iii) a hybrid model of a small central support unit supporting a mainly decentralised model.

The POLICY/PROCEDURES review focusses on the existing documents including:

  • Corporate Policy – how the role of procurement is positioned within the corporate entity.
  • Corporate Procurement Procedures – the clarity of procedures to be implemented by staff.
  • Corporate Procurement Plan – the depth of content of procurement planning

In the assessment of PROCESSES, we review strategic direction and the implementation of robust procurement strategies.  We look at use of central procurement arrangements such as those set up by The Office of Government Procurement, specific Sector arrangements, etc.  We also examine the use of eTenders and assess the use of contracts, frameworks, panels, DPS, Qualification Systems in addition to duration of processes and tendering procedures employed.

Lastly addressing the SYSTEMS will look at use of the ERP in Ireland’s case the use of the eTenders website, analysing the extent of usage of systems when compared with the functionality available.  We review the use or potential for use of Procurement Cards.  We also look at the implementation of Contracts Register along with Contract Management tools.

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