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Procurement Consultancy – CWMF Services

At Greenville, we have developed a unique insight into the use of the full suite of documentation required for the award of works and engineering related services as defined under the Capital Works Management Framework (CWMF).

We work with clients on the Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 documents using the full suite of documents available, namely:


PW-CF1 Building Works Designed by the Employer
PW-CF2 Building Works Designed by the Contractor
PW-CF3 Civil Engineering Works Designed by the Employer
PW-CF4 Civil Engineering Works Designed by the Contractor
PW-CF5 Minor Civil Engineering and Building Works designed by the Employer
PW-CF6 Short Public Works Contract for employer designed works
PW-CF7 Investigation Contract
PW-CF8 Short form of Investigation Contract
PW-CF9 Framework Agreement
PW-CF10 Public Works Contract for Early Collaboration
PW-CF11 Term Maintenance and Refurbishment Contract
COE1 Conditions of Engagement for Consultancy Services (Technical)
COE2 Conditions of Engagement for Archaeology Services

All Procurement Consultancy Services:
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