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Procurement Consultancy – Advisory Services

At Greenville, we provide focussed advice and support on all aspects of procurement from developing a procurement strategy through to handling non-legal challenges to the process.  Clients call us in relation to the following:

  • Complex questions of interpretation
  • Development of specifications
  • Completion of national and EU notices on eTenders/OJEU
  • Drafting documentation including invitations to tender, questionnaires, spreadsheets/reports and notification letters
  • Support on evaluation of responses to applications, dialogues and tenders
  • Advice on how to manage requests for further information / debriefs on foot of tender notification
  • Management of clarification/verification sessions, dialogue rounds and negotiation meetings
  • Implementing contract management strategies
  • Rules relating to further expenditure on contracts
  • Processes for managing poor performance

All Procurement Consultancy Services: