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Procurement Consultancy – Policies & Procedures

Effective procurement requires that all staff in an organisation have access to easy-to-use policies and procedures. It is not enough to make national guidelines and regulations or European directives available, each public body is obliged to have an in-house set of policies and procedures which outline the organisation’s goals and targets for implementing and managing effective procurement.

The procurement policy should address at a minimum:

  • The Senior Management commitment to procurement
  • The process for monitoring and reporting on compliance
  • The authority levels to be complied with in relation to decisions ensuring full separation of duties
  • Encapsulate the delivery of the corporate procurement plan
  • Detail the organisation’s policy on innovation, accessibility, environment and social inclusion

The procurement procedures should include the following:

  • Outline the process for initiation of procurement linked to budgets and budget holders
  • Lay down the internal thresholds for quotations
  • Detail the procedures to be used for quotations and national and EU value tenders
  • Describe the operation of each specific procedure to be employed
  • Detail the rules to be applied for derogations from procurement (e.g. sole source, urgency, etc.)
  • Detail the systems to be linked to internal ERP systems and external (eTenders, SIMAP, TED)
  • Prescribe the approval and reporting systems to be complied with

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