Jeanne Copeland Presenting

IMAGE PwC Businesswoman of the Year Awards

Jeanne Copeland CEO of Greenville Procurement Partners was shortlisted for CEO of the Year at Image BWOTY Awards, earlier this year.

Jeanne has over 40 years of experience in the industry. Jeanne started out in ESB and went to establish ‘Achilles Ireland’ along with other like-minded EU procurement professionals with sister operations in Norway, Denmark, Spain, the UK. Jeanne was instrumental in the success of this business and ultimately bought out the consultancy and training operations to found Greenville Procurement Partners in 2017, taking over as both majority owner and CEO. Jeanne has been the CEO of Greenville Procurement Partners since its establishment in 2017. Greenville under Jeanne’s leadership has become the leading public procurement consultancy and training firm in Ireland promoting professional, innovative and sustainable procurement. Greenville supports a wide variety of public sector clients with public buying across an incredibly diverse range of services from central government to museums to local authorities, to energy providers, airports, and state agencies who provide a multitude of services to the Irish public across every walk of life.

Jeanne recognises the importance of networking for professionals in her industry and always tries to create forums for public procurement professionals to come together to share practice and consider challenges together through conferences, seminars, networks and training delivery.

Join Jeanne on Wed 1st May & Thu 2nd May 2024 for in-person training on Advanced Public Procurement in the Hilton Dublin Kilmainham, Dublin. Read more about this course.

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