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Welcome to Greenville Academy

Greenville Academy is the education and training services section of Greenville Procurement Partners. We are the leaders in public procurement training in Ireland and believe strongly in the importance of professional development for public procurement professionals who make a significant impact the quality of services received by the Irish public. Supporting the recognition, development and professionalisation of public buying is at the heart of what we do in Greenville.

More About Greenville Academy

Our mission is to support and inform, equipping those working in public procurement with the tools to successfully manage the three key procurement challenges of compliance, value for money and risk and achieve public service innovations. Recognising our clients’ diverse education and training requirements Greenville Academy designs and delivers Open, In-House, Modular and Accredited courses:

  • Open courses – offered to those working in public procurement, places can be booked online or through our training department.
  • In-house courses/mentoring programmes – devised in consultation with public sector clients for delivery in-house.
  • Certified course – offered through the Institute of Public Administration

The Greenville Academy team provide strong programme management services and have significant expertise in the quality assurance of education and training, training needs analysis and programme development. Greenville Academy promotes an approach of learning enhanced through technology and uses ‘Learnupon’ as its online learning platform and utilises a number of online learning tools to enhance the experience of participants on Greenville Academy courses.
Greenville Academy trainers are:

  • Highly experienced industry professionals
  • Highly proficient in the use of the eTenders platform
  • ‘Train the Trainer’ qualified and/or have significant lecturing experience

All consultant trainers work consistently at the cutting edge of public procurement on a daily basis across a diverse range of sectors and projects and fully appreciate the legal, regulatory and best practice requirements within the public sector and their organisational structures.

If you wish to discuss your professional development needs please the team on or call us on 01 4020115.

Education and Training Services

Book Upcoming Training Courses (Open Training)

Greenville works at the forefront of public procurement and uses their industry expertise to ensure all our courses reflect new developments in the area of public procurement, including how to achieve more green and sustainable procurement. All our courses can be used to refresh your professional knowledge and stay up to date. Don’t miss out on our upcoming courses. All courses are virtual. See our full suite of open courses here.


Introduction to Public Procurement • Tue 7th Feb, Thur 9th Feb 2023 • Tue 25th, Thur 27th Apr 2023

Introduction to eTenders • Wed 7th Jun 2023


Contract Management • Mon 24th Apr, Wed 26th Apr 2023

Understanding Public Sector Procurement Rules • Tue 16th, Wed 17th, Wed 24th, Thur 25th May 2023

Introduction to Construction Procurement • Wed 1st, Thur 2nd, Wed 8th, Thur 9th Mar 2023

Managing a Full Tender Process including Templates • Mon 13th, Wed 15th, Wed 22nd, Thur 23rd Mar 2023

Green Selection and Award Criteria • Tue 21st, Wed 22nd Mar 2023 • Tue 9th, Wed 10th May 2023

The Social Side of Sustainable Procurement

Tender Evaluation Workshop • Mon 17th, Thur 20th Apr 2023


Advanced Public ProcurementTue 13th, Wed 14th, Wed 21st, Thur 22nd Jun 2023

Advanced eTenders

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Bespoke In-House Group Training for your organisation

Greenville will work with you to define the specific content and delivery method for custom procurement training. Contact training@Greenville to discuss your requirement.

Greenville also recognises the importance of mentoring for procurement professionals and offers this service as a follow on from training courses. Mentoring is designed to increase the capacity and capability of procurement professionals by supporting them to embed the learning achieved through training to further enhance their professional practice. This can be particularly useful as part of decision making and document development processes as a follow on from training.

Accredited Training with IPA

Greenville designs and delivers the NUI-accredited Certificate in Public Procurement and the Professional Diploma in Public Procurement via its training partner, the Institute of Public Administration.  Both the Certificate and the Professional Diploma are 11-day programmes delivered over 6 months in the academic year.  The Certificate is a Level 6 Special Purpose Award on the National Framework of Qualifications while the Professional Diploma is a Level 8 Special Purpose Award.

Please go to the IPA website for more information, or contact us directly.

Certificate in Public Procurement

Public Management Professional Diploma in Public Procurement

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Greenville Academy Online Learning Platform

Participants that have been set up as users and enrolled on courses can access to the Greenville Academy online learning platform below. You will get access to your course material and live instructor led sessions all in one place.

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If you encounter any difficulties, please contact a member of the team at or on 01 4020115