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Handling of Personal Data by Greenville Procurement Partners Ltd.


Some of your personal data within the meaning of the GDPR has been shared with us to organise your participation on one of our courses. This notice is to inform you about us and how we will handle that data.

We are Greenville Procurement Partners and our contact details can be found on our website.

We have been given your professional contact details in order to provide you with joining instructions and any changes to them that might be necessary and to distribute any notes or other course material that may be required. They will also be used to record your booking, attendance or other material required and where appropriate any marks that might be awarded for our administrative purposes. We are processing this data on the basis of our legitimate interests in offering such training to your employer. A copy of our Legitimate Interests Assessments is available on request.

The types of data can include email address, fixed and/or mobile telephone numbers and in very limited circumstances home addresses where you might be working from your home in circumstances where we need to post material to you.

We will not be sharing this data with any other organisation or individual outside Greenville Procurement Partners. However, we do use other companies as our Data Processors in which case we will have agreements in place with them that conform with the data protection legislation.

The data is not transferred to a recipient outside the European Economic Area or international organisation.

Your details will be held in our records until the end of the seventh calendar year after the course completion to allow for queries by your employer or any tax and auditing inquiries.

You have rights to access your data and to seek rectifications if you believe they are required. You also have rights to erase, object to or restrict processing which we will consider. If you are unhappy with how we are handling your data, you do have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Commission in Ireland at their website here.